These products
are amazing! The scrubs and butters have kept my psoriasis at a minimum. The lotion bars are portable in their plastic case to touch up my elbows when they start to feel dry.- Melissa L.

Milk bath was amazing! Fresh, clean scent and soothing milky bath. My children were starting to dry out with recent weather changes. Definitely took care of any rough, dry patches they had. - Layla

I can completely vouch for this. After seeing this post last week I ordered a body scrub and a body lotion. I got to choose my custom smell, caramel apple. These are the best body products I've ever used! It's like LUSH products at half the price and 10x the product amount. I also got free samples. These would be perfect shower gifts for guests, for the bathrooms at the wedding, or gifts for the bridal party. I'm hooked.-Jessica J.

You should advertise the  body butters as having "a whipped, heavenly texture!" That's my experience - Joya P.

I can not say
enough fabulous things about my products from you. The sugar scrub smells so incredible. I picked a caramel apple scent, because it's the body spray I use, and can never find matching scents for my other products. This is the most incredible caramel apple smell ever! It's spot on! I normally use a body wash in the shower, then a body exfoliator, but the sugar scrub smells so
incredible, and is so moisturizing, it does everything in one step. I'm used to chemical laden products full of things like alcohol, that I thought worked well enough, so I was doubtful that an all natural product could work as well, but I was proven wrong the first use, it's better! I also purchased the body lotion in the same delicious scent. I was already smoother than usual from using the sugar scrub in the shower, but this took me to a new level of soft. Im so used to body lotions being really watery, this however is incredibly thick. As you put it in your hands it immediately warms up, and goes on like butter, literally! I've never felt so soft, or smelled so delicious! I can't wait to try some other custom scents. You get SO MUCH product for the cost. I didn't expect the jars to be so huge. I'm hooked, you've got a customer for life- Jessica

Jack so seriously tells me today that his Dino needs the magic lotion because his tail hurts! Thank you Kristen Saurer we love our "magic lotion" Jack uses it throughout the day when he hurts (itches). If any of you have little ones with eczema or dry skin you need to try her products. We love it and I love that he doesn't fight me to put it on. ! -Jess

It's seriously heart breaking watching them itch and itch!!!! So happy he knows he can use the lotion bar when he itches and it will give him relief!- a parent

Thank you so much Kristen. I just tried the pain balm and I love it. If it wasn't for you I would still be suffering. I have a fibromyalgia and a bone problem. I feel much better now that I have this. You are a lifesaver thank you- Tiffany J.

I use the lavender/tea tree lotion bar as my daily and nightly moisturizer. Honestly these have been the best things for my face, even helped fade out my acne scars.- Gloria O.

I use her soap, dead salt sea scrub, lotion bar, and lotion. I also tried everything I was seriously spending a fortune and nothing was working the creams the dr gave me seem to work okay when I constantly use them however they thin his skin so when he does itch it would just tear up his skin. I definitely recommend trying her stuff.

I just realized that when mentioning about how soft my skin was after using the solid scru bar, when I shaved, I didn't even have to put lotion on after!! With summer and flip flop weather, my heals constantly needs to be scrubbed and lotion put on. I have not had to put lotion on them at all!! I also noticed today that my surgery scares on my ankle are smooth!- Beth H.

My 15 year old son have been dealing with acne since age 13, really bad! We have tried over the counter meds, catalogue orders, and those things far from helping, leave his skin really dry. The other day, I was desperate cause he told me he was breaking out really bad, so I came and grab a little bit of the "almond bomb" add a little lime juice to it which make it really foamy. Rub the mixture on his face and massage for a few minutes.he washed his face with warm water, and help him open up his pores amazingly. He got out most of the black heads and he told me today he is seen a significant improvement, plus no dry skin. Your products are amazing!- Mary A.

I've never been so excited to wash my face in my life!!! With that said my new solid scrub bar by Kristen Saurer and Organic sugar/salt scrubs and body butter is the best. Not only did it open my pores and removed black heads, but it left my skin feeling soft, hydrated and clean. What's even better is that its all organic, no harsh chemicals. I love all of her products! They are chemical free, very inexpensive, last long, smell great, have helped my skin tremendously and ship fast. Can't wait to put this new product on my next order - Gloria O.

Kristen, I have to thank you so very much for the bug repellant lotion bar (not the citronella but peppermint lemongrass I believe). My son and I are both mosquito magnets and have extreme reactions to bites. I lathered us up with the lotion bar all summer and we were able to enjoy the outdoors well into the night. We even went camping at Allegheny and did not deal with bug bites the entire weekend! It is so amazing to not have to make a decision of missing out on the outdoor fun or coat us in a dangerous chemical spray. THANK YOU for be amazing and talented.- Jodi H.

Kristen my Mom said "oh Joya, the soap is so luscious! It makes you smell beautiful and your skin feel beautiful!"- anonomous

I wake up in the middle of the night and have sudden inflammation pain. It could be in my neck or hip joints, ankles, lower legs, shoulders etc and it's at times its so bad i can't sleep. I keep my jar of pain balm on the floor where I can reach it with out getting up. That's how much I like it  it works wonders! Thank you Kristen and back to sleep I go!- Joya P.

I absolutely love the pain balm and would most certainly  recommend this product to anyone who suffers from body aches. I had what the Dr could only guess was a stress fracture on the arch of my foot, since I am against taking Tylenol due to pregnancy, I used the pain balm. The first night my foot was feeling better but after applying it the second night, I woke up and was able to fully walk on the foot without needing to wrap it or place it in an air cast. I also use the pain balm for my back (thank you pregnancy) and by bedtime the back pain is gone and I'm able to have a full nights rest. Again this is definitely a product I would strongly recommend to all.- Gloria O.

I just wanted to tell everyone that I have tried the palm balm as well as many members of my family and it does help. I have a very bad back and have metal cages and screws in it. I'm not saying its a miracle cure but it definitely does take the edge off. I use it on my husband's sore muscles and he says it helps him too. Thank you Kristen so much!- Michelle L.

I meet Kristen thru a mutal friend. She raved about how good her products were. I live with chronic pain in my hand, I have had 5 hand surgeries and nothing helps with the pain. After speaking with Kristen I bought the Pain Balm. After using for a week or so it most definitely helps ease the pain. A must buy if you ask me.- Erin

I suffer from hypothyroidism and mitochondrial disease. Which means my muscles and joints ache, many days I suffer from deep pain. One day, someone shared a status about the pain balm. I figured, it was worth a shot. None of the over-the-counter pain balms helped, they made me smell like an old man, and were sticky, slimy, and gross. So I ordered some pain balm. It was delivered super fast, I was excited to try it. I opened it as soon as I got it, and it smells amazing! Flowery and sweet, and not overpowering. I used it immediately. The more use it, the better I feel. I've been less achy and less sore- repeatedly. I am so thankful to have found this product, I will definitely be a repeat buyer- forever- Leslee C.

I have use the Pain Balm on my back, knees and neck. It help relieve the pain and the throbbing that I get. And has cut my neck flare ups in half the time to recover back to normal. I love the smell. It is not a strong smell like other pain relievers. It did not stain my clothes. You also don't get that burning hot feeling like others that I have tried. Your skin feels soft to the touch. I am very satisfied and would recommend this product to anyone- J.C.

"Kristen I just wanted to let you know that I did use the salt scrub and the lavender tree tea bar it was divine my feet feel so smooth and soft I am very satisfied. I also use the body butter this morning my skin is still very soft and silky very satisfied again your products are amazing!!"- Josie C.

I was using Aveeno lotion for years but haven't since I found these lotion bars, and it works great. Since it has something in it to keep mosquitoes and bugs away. I haven't gotten bitten yet, and I usually get torn up by mosquitoes.. Been using the body butter on my feet and legs for two weeks now due to dry skin from diabetes and this stuff seems to work great. -Bill B.

Nicolas suffered from an all over body rash the doctors gave him a steroid cream I haven't used that cream in 3-4 months and started using the lavendar sugar scrub and body butter that Kristen makes and it has helped dramatically, he no longer looks like he fell in a thorn bush every morning when I would check his skin.
I have a few patches of eczema on my ankles that used to get scale like from me scratching so much and with using the scub body butter and tea tree lotion bar it is now smooth, not completely back to normal but way better than before.- Rachel T.

 First of all, I love Kristen, she's so awesome and positive and absolutely loves what she does. Body butters are by far my favorite. I have one in almost every room and at work. I use them multiple times a day. My second favorite thing are the lip balms, I get chapped lips all the time and they work so well. Again something I have just about everywhere. I like the lotion bars for after my shower. The air fresheners are amazing and make my whole (tiny) house smell amazing. I like the sugar scrub but I'm super anxious to try the salt scrub, I think I'll benefit more from it. Thanks for always being so awesome and helpful and for spoiling Stryker when you lived here.- Mary Davis

I soaked in the milk bath and I have to say my first reaction was the beautiful aroma of lavender and then the soft silky feel of the water ! It was luxurious and I enjoyed it as for making my skin soft.  I also slept amazingly well after the lavender bath.  I love the product!- Joya P

"The milk bath is amazing! Feels luxurious and spa like. It's very relaxing and moisturizing. I also took Kristen's advice and added a cup of milk and some honey. WOW! I didn't want to get out of the tub! The water almost felt thick, kinda like it was hugging you. I highly recommend it! smile emoticon" - Ashley G.

The lip balm is amazing.  My daughter said "this is the best lip stuff I have ever tried... it is like silk on your lips!!"  I had to agree!  I am in love with the lotion bars.  I have been giving myself a quick swipe before I leave the house as a nice sun protection.  I felt so pampered after I used them.- Jodi H.

Love these....."I love these products- have ordered twice! my skin looks bright, and clear! People comment on the glow! i barely need to wear makeup---a bonus saves time and money"- Lisa B.

"Dearest Kristen, I can't thank you enough for your super duper uber beyond infinity most wonderful and miraculous products!!! My father has diabetes and with your body butters it has helped with his nerve damage and numb sensation go away. I
can't thank you enough for the bar lotions and scrubs because I had never ever before been able to find something that would help me clear my skin of acne and the condition of Rosacea I suffer from. Again words can't express how happiest
I am I met you and I was able to try your natural products that don't irritate my skin" - Guadalupe A.

Our skin is better because of your amazing products. Never, ever buying junk lotion from any store as long as you keep doing your amazing stuff. Lip balm is amazing!!!!!- Zee

My teen daughter loves the bath bomb and milk bath... I love the sugar with the butter after every shower... We shave with the sugars and love lip balm to! Great great products and great scents!

Just saw my sister again and she decided to rub the pain balm on her calfs before bed and no more leg cramps, something I have not seen in the testimonials, is there no end to the "magic" of the pain balm? Thanks again!!!!"-

I have used ALL of Kristen's products, everything is beyond amazing! I used a bath bomb followed by my sugar scrub topped off with body butter... I swear I literally heard my skin say ah thank you- Jennifer L.

My favorite product is the lotion bar hands down!!! They have helped not only with my son's horrible breakouts due to eczema but have also helped in clearing up my face. I use the lotion bar every day and night as my moisturizer.- Gloria

Love the
sugars...they are perfect to use during showers instead of soap and then pairing it with he butter beats the winter harsh skin!

Love your products! I use the sugar scrub and body butter and it has made such a difference on my "dry skin areas". THANK YOU KRISTEN!

I had Kristen make me an essential peppermint oil bar for headaches. I cut some off for my father in law. When
used on his temples and at the base of his neck, the headache was gone in 15 minutes! It also calms my step son. I'm soon going to be diffusing peppermint and another EO in the boys bedrooms for stress relief and calming effects.

The sugar scrub along with the body butter has helped my psoriasis immensely!!

My skin feels so amazing thanks to Kristen's sugar scrubs, lotion bar and body butter. A little goes a long way. Better than anything you will find on a store shelf- Kristen

Everything I
have tried from Kristen has been fabulous. So much so, that I buy extra to give as gifts. These products are amazing, you won't be disappointed!- Peggy C.

I use several of Kristen's products and they are all wonderful. I even use them in my massage therapy business. Super gentle for someone who tends to have reactions to what you get on the store shelves.- Kristen C.

"I have super sensitive skin and eyes, and nearly everything I've tried irritates them and/or does a sub par job. Your sugar scrub is both gentle and effective. Great service, packaging, scent, everything. So happy! Thank you!"- Victoria

My son had a cold sore outbreak all over one side his mouth, I had him apply the lavender body butter a few times and it healed up quickly! I'm sold!- Nicole B.

"I am LOVING them!!! These are amazing! They soak right in, and best of all is that I own my antique shop and with that comes a TON of washing...all the old stuff is dirty for some reason lol. I have never had such great looking hands after
scrubbing all day!"- Vicky Daters (1st time customer)

"Hi Kristen! The scrub is working well for my granddaughter! She noticed a difference almost immediately. She is thrilled because she was experiencing some discoloration of the skin on her neck and the use of your product has diminished it significantly. I would like to order 3 of the large scrubs please." Linda R.

My son had a cold sore outbreak all over one side his mouth, I had him apply the lavender body butter a few times and it healed up quickly! I'm sold! - Nicole B.

"So I'd just like to say that I wish I took a picture of my elbows before I started using the sugar scrub, butter & lotion bar. I still have some patches of psoriasis but they are much better & so much less itchy! I am confident that this product has helped on the road to controlling it."- Melissa D.

"Kristen Saurer, I just got some samples from Julie. I'm gonna have to add some more to my order!!!! Used the salt scrub and then body butter on my hands and they are SOOO soft!!!! Wish Julie Zwart had more samples of the salt scrub cause I haven't had one as good since using show of hands from BeautiControl. Applied some of the lavender cream to Pashas cold sores too so we'll see how that works! You're stuff is AMAZING!!!!"- Nicole B.

I also wanted to take the time to tell you how much we are loving your products.  The body butter is the biggest hit thou personally I enjoy the bars better.  I enjoy your deals of the day as it gives us the opportunity to test out other scents.  My son, the lifeguard, just rubs on the butter head to toe after he gets home from work.  He currently started this semester at Columbia College in Chicago and stays in the city during the week, comes home on weekends to work.  He said that with all the walking around in the cold, windy city his skin was getting especially dry.  So he also started to rub the butter on after his morning showers, as well.  He told me that this is the first winter ever that his skin has felt this great!!  My daughter carries some in her backpack, swim bag, and keeps some in her school locker, I transferred some of the butter into smaller, more portable containers for her and she won't go anywhere without having some with her.  I have either a body butter or a bar in almost every room in the house.  Thank you again and you are right, these become ones new addiction - Toni G.

I am a first time user. I waited a week to comment to try out the product. I am Very happy with the Butter products. The quality is superb and there is a lot packed in the jar. It will take a while to use it all up. The Butter goes on silky and does a very good job of keeping moisture on the skin. Everyone who I've shared it with, has only good things to say. It doesn't clog the skin on the face,
which is a huge benefit to me. I highly recommend Kristen and her products.-Crystal S.

I have to say, as a chef/food designer I use these products daily! My hands crack and hurt so bad from so much washing I'm in tears at times! Thank you Kristen Saurer for your products!- Julie

So I was driving 2 hours away today and the psoriasis on the back in my ear on the bend randomly started hurting. I had nothing to put on it. I had the lip balm I got from you with me so I put it on. Instant relief. 7 hours later and I've put nothing else on it and no pain- Raquel S.

Anything you buy from Kristen Saurer is amazing and works better than any other product on the market even prescription strength my son skin is 100% better than it normally is this time of the year because of these products I can go on and on and on about how amazingly and organic. your skin is your largest Organ do you really want to lather yourself with products containing
words you can't even pronounce?- Tracey J Nelson Sokolowski

Oh my gosh I am super excited to get to soon be able to purchase this product (Milk bath)! I used a bit of my sample in my son's bath the other night and loved it immediately. Usually most of his bath products leave his skin feeling dry but when I got him out of his bath, not only did he smell awesome (we usually use a mildly scented bath wash) but his skin felt so soft. I followed his bath with those awesome lotion bars...but that's a completely different 5 star review lol- Gloria O.

My family is a tree of eczema and it only got worse with the more children I had and they got it too again worse as it got down the
line!!! I purchased a sugar scrub and body butter for my kids I gave them ONE bath and my youngest (has it the worst) is practically gone!!!! He didn't like the scrub at first (because it was so bad) but after a min or two of lathering he said he liked it and it felt good he's 4 by the way! Then the butter was just the icing on the cake!!! And you don't have to use very much at all to get
the job done for what this does and the price anyone that doesn't do this is insane- Courtney S.

I Just wanted to post how awesome these products are. Purchase the body butter and lip balm for myself and my daughter with eczema and we are amazed at how it has helped her skin in such a short time. Kristen is also wonderful to deal with and packages her products so beautifully. Thank you Kristen. We will definitely be ordering more.- Lisa

Thank you Kristen for coming all the way out to Naperville this evening to deliver my first order of scrubs, body butter, and lotion bar! It all started when my daughter gave me two of your body butter samples! Normally during the winter, my hands are like sand paper and cracked (occasionally I use super glue to seal them)! After applying the body butter during the first 24 hours, I noticed what seemed like a miracle - my hands were so soft and smooth! Yay! It's been 4 days now and not only are my hands soft and smooth, but the cracks are completely healed! Your products are truly amazing!- Gina B.

Placed my first order and was amazed at the results. I have twin girls and both have sensitive, very dry skin and eczema. I have used store lotions and applied it 3-4 times a day and just didn't help. I ordered the Lavender butter and scrub and is wonderful... My girls love love it!! Only apply it once and they are good all day. When I forget, they sure remind me. I also got a sample of the Tee Tree butter and been using it on my face for acne and my face has been clearing faster than other products. That will sure be on my next order along with the coconut/Lime scrub. This stuff is amazing!!!

I'm in love!
I'm a first timer and couldn't be happier or more impressed with everything! My son is in love with the sugar scrub, and it has helped his eczema tremendously!! The body butter too... I have no words. It is so luxurious and has also been extremely helpful in keeping that itchy eczema at bay! The lip balm has been amazing at helping mine and my daughters horribly chapped lips,
and i love the peppermint!! Thank you so much Kristin...you rock!!! - Bethany H.

I'm loving it already... But I knew I would, as I love ALL of your products!! Oh, and I must say the peppermint balm not only moisturizes your lips but gives you a minty scent. And it's tingly so I felt it plumped my lips a bit! WINNER!! "- Cindy

LOVE the lip balm and butter! Thanks for such an amazing product, adorable packaging, and fabulous customer service!"

Love Love!!! Your products. My girls are in love with your lavender scrub and butter, keeps their body nice, soft and moisturize. My husband liked your coconut/Lime scrub, so that will be my next purchase I highly recommend these products!!! - Elizabeth

So impressed with everything! My 12 year old daughter was so taken with the lip balm and lotion bar that she's spending her own money to buy them for herself. It takes a lot to make her part with her allowance!! I've had lotion bars made for me as gifts and they don't even compare to these, they are perfect and easy to use!! Really love them, but the body butter is my absolute favorite! Thanks so much Kristen- Karen H.

I would just like to say my 6 year old son has bad eczema all over his body. I got the sugar scrub and body butter and used them right away and as soon as he got out of the bath he said his skin felt better. It was so soft already. He still was a
little itchy cause we had only used it the one time so far but he wasn't sitting there just scratching away like he usually does. We will be ordering again! - Heather D.

I want to start by saying that I was skeptical in the beginning, even after I placed my first order. So I was not one that was going to be easy to please. I have two year old twin boys, both of which have skin issues. One has eczema on his lower half
and will scratch himself to the point of bleeding. The other has eczema and keratosis pilaris. His thighs and face are his trouble areas and he has a lot of redness, too. I have tried everything that has been recommended to be to
help clear it up...lotions, creams, ointments, oils, diet changes, etc. I came across Kristen's website and thought why not? I ordered the lotion bars, intrigued by the beeswax. I applied it to both the night I got them and the NEXT MORNING, the redness in my one son's face was gone. One application. I was amazed! We have been using the bars for about three weeks now and the eczema has completely cleared up in both and the redness and itching is gone for my son with keratosis pilaris. The bumps are still there (they prob will never go away) but it doesn't seem to bother him anymore. I can't say enough about this
product. We now have four bars in the house and I use them daily, too. It, again, is the only product that has completely taken away the dry cracking on my hands. I am hooked!! Do yourself a favor and try it. I will seriously change your life!- Meagan

We've used countless creams and lotions for my son's eczema. All have been OTC, prescribed and labeled organic, none would help with his itchy, dry/scaly skin or if they did help the relief wouldn't last long. I decided to dry the lotion bar after
seeing reviews and asking Kristen for more information. At first I used it on my own eczema and I couldn't believe how well it was working, the itchiness was gone and my skin felt smooth, not slimey. Since I had such great results I decided to use it on my son and now the scratching has stopped and he isn't bothered by his skin. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who has dry
skin, chapped skin or suffers from eczema.- Gloria

ok...we have tried everything on my son's dried, cracked, bleeding lips. after ONE application, the difference was noticable! He was so happy that when he ate dinner that his lips weren't "on fire" anymore. This product truly is "the bomb"!!! - Lori

So I just received my 1st order last night and will enlighten on my experience.... First,I lived in AZ for 5 years and found a company that makes body butter. I'd travel 4 hours every couple months for this stuff. One day they closed. After finding and trying Kristen Saurer body butter I fell in LOVE!!! It's 100x better, melts right into your skin and leaves moisturizer for hours. Next, I used my scrubs on body and face. AMAZING, my whole body and face has a natural glow already!!! I am excited to try my body bars later and see what they bring! I love, love, love these products!!!!!!- Nicole C.

Kristen Saurer takes pride in her work and goes above and beyond. i highly recomend any of her products!!!- Tracey J
Nelson Sokolowski

I loved doing business with Kristen! Very prompt service and affordable products! I am in love with the sugar scrubs! I did a combination of lavender and vanilla scents and it was amazing! The body butter is good also. I will be purchasing again!-

Hi Kristen, my fabulous friend Jennifer Hepp Vincelette bought me the the body butter and I love it. I let my co
worker try it and she loved it as well.- Tracy H.D.

I LOVE what I got. Used the body butter after my shower and still feel soft and the lotion
bars are awesome too!- Karen S.

Just wanted to share my experience with these great products. I started using the butter on my son's elbows and it has worked wonders. The lotion bar is so also great. A little goes a long with the bar and I like to work into my feet. They are so
smooth thanks to the lotion bar. Highly recommend both products and Kristen is awesome. -Frances M.

My hands were in such better condition this morning after slathering it on last night! The tiny cracks are less painful too! I'm going to send you a pm to order the blood orange before your sale is over!- Danielle K.

I have always had dry sensitive skin and break out easy from many lotions. My husband always complained that my arms were always dry and rough. I have been using Kristen's products for a month now. After just 3 days I noticed my skin felt better and
didn't seem to be as dry. After a week of use my skin feels great. My hubby hasn't complained about dry skin yet, I love the different scent options as well and you can't beat the price for amazing products!- Amy K.

My whole body feels soft after using the body butter lotion bars. Thank you so much. Was a pleasure to meet you.- Mary D.

Absolutely LOVE the products made just for me. I have a narcotic side effect infection on my arms and the lavender bar is healing it faster than the antibiotics!!!!!- Julie Z.

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that, my friend loved her Tea tree scrub and Body butter! And the lotion bar I like! This stuff is so addictive! Happy New Year!- Kesha H.

Just wanted to stop by and say that I enjoy your products they are amazing! I love love love the sugar scrub (key lime) and I gave a salt scrub to my boss and she just raves about it!! The free samples of body butter was amazing too and will definitely be coming to you for future gift ideas, and myself too of course!!- Kara H.

Thank you again Kristen!! All my new scrubs and body butter are wonderful!!! The pink grapefruit left an amazing scent in my bathroom and the almond butter smells Delish. - Que N.

I just used both this morning, since I had some time before the little monster woke up lol. I absolutely love them. My skin feels super soft and I usually have an itching fit after I shower but not today I decided to try the scrub on my son during bath time last night and noticed that his arms didn't feel scaly like they usually do- Gloria O.

Kristen... love it all!!!! The grapefruit smells amazing and had my bathroom smelling
wonderful! The almond butter is also AMAZING!!!!!!! - Que Nicole

I picked up my beautifully wrapped lotion bars this morning.... O.M.G. I used the lavender bar
on my arms, the itching IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEAVEN!!!! Then, I used the
smallest amount on my face and me, my husband, and son both couldn't believe
how soft it is right now!!!! I AM 100% SOLD!! HUGE RECOMMENDATION!!!!!!!
Affordable, incredible quality on the oils, immediate relief... She lives off
Ridge and Theodore and I swung by to pick it up. She's also a pretty awesome
gal too with 3 beautiful boys! I will be sharing her link to both my personal
and food page!!! AWESOME, enough said......Julie Zwart (Minooka, il)

I have been purchasing these items for the past couple of months for myself and for others
and ALL of us just LOVE them - each and every one is made especially for you
when you order it so the scent is exactly whatever you selected or mixed and is
fresh. You use about an amount the size of the pad of your index finger for
your whole face on the scrubs. The lotions go far, too. I've had my own for 2
months now and have hardly made a dent in the jar!! Order for Christmas for
every woman you know. Benefit: my niece found the sea salt scrubs dried up her
teen-aged oily face. Just FYI, I am in no way connected to Kristen Sauer; I
found her on here just like you have found her. This is an actual testimony for
those wondering about the products - Pam M.

I just wantedto thank you for bringing my order. I LOVE the body butter. I've used it on my
son's elbows and it has immediately shown results. I can't wait to try the lotion bar -Frances M.

 I never used sugar scrub before til yours! It does soften the skin! - Sheila Schmidt

She had some cute stuff to! Hopefully someone that knows her will see this! - Jenna F.

It's Kristin saurer..... Bought her stuff.. It's awesome!! - Jennifer H-V

I have tried her stuff already and loved it ladies!! She is very professional with it and
extremely nice to work with! - Dorothy

I love the peppermint salt scrub and the coconut sugar scrub. They both leave my skin soft and smelling good. Since trying the sample of the body butter, I need to get a full size because it is amazing! - Carolyn C.

I really like the coconut butter I have really dry skin and it keeps my skin soft and moisturized- Nina M.

I having sensitive skin wanted to try these products! Kristen educated me on how and why she started making these items. I placed one order, tried it, and I was sold, my favorite is the almond!!!! A MUST have for every woman! I bought several.
TREAT yourselves ladies, you will NOT be sorry! Your skin will love you! - Jodi

I bought 3 scrubs for my bridesmaid and 1 for a friend. I have not tried them personally but my friend Loves hers. They arrived quicker than I expected and They all smelled amazing!- Deidre B.

I first tried a sample of your sugar scrub and butter lotion and loved it. During the winter my
hands chap and crack. I use it and love how soft my hands feel. The scent is
great too. I ordered the sugar scrubs for daycare teacher gifts and a few for
family. They are raving over the product and the packaging is beautifully done.
Great product and great value. Thank you - Jennifer S.

We have been using the body Butter for a few days now and have seen noticeable changes on my
sons very dry elbows and our hands. The butter is great! Even after washing
your hands they remain soft. Haven't used the bar yet because I've been so
pleased with the butter. Would highly recommend your products - Frances M.

Kristen is the sweetest! She answers any questions you could possibly think of and puts your
mind at ease. I have sensitive skin and leary of trying new things. I bought a
body butter and a sugar scrub and too my amazement my skin LOVED it. Smells
heavely and my skin was very smooth and stayed soft through out my day! I would
DEFINITELY recommend Kristen and her products! - Gina R.

I purchased sugar scrubs for Christmas gifts and they smelled sooo incredible I just HAD to
open one. I chose to open the peppermint sugar scrub. Oh my goodness...the BEST
part of my day is showering with the delightful scrub. It leaves my skin nice
and smooth, but moist (I have problems with dry skin) and leaves my skin with a
delightful scent -- not too mch, but just enough. This product also comes in a
beautiful gift box -- no need to wrap. It's the perfect gift for yourself or
others - Jennifer B

Thank you Kristen I used my orange sugar scrub today and I love it ... it was had a
beautiful scent and left my legs feeling heavenly ....Andrea A.

I am a hairdresser and my hands are awful in the winter! I have been using the lotion bar
and my hands look and feel amazing! This will be my first winter without
cracked hands for sure! Thanks so much Kristen! -Terese D.

I have the salt scrub sugar scrub and body butter. I love them. - Cheryl M.

I have beenusing the butters almost everyday on hands and after showers and especially on
my dry skin patches from the winter air! I love them..my skin is baby soft and
the scents are refreshing! We have been using the sugars and a bar for just a
few days but my hubby's breakout on arms from some sort of alergic reaction is
soothing and healing with a sugar scrub and butter at night. and I love a sugar
scrub in the morning with my own facial lotion. My kids are using it and love
the scents...its just such a great natural product that smells awesome and make
your skin fee refreshed even in the winter! highly highly recommended...I gave
them to all teachers, family and friends for gifts this year and the ones who
have gotten them were so excited! - Natalie W.

My daughter loved the gift in which was suppose to be for xmas,but I couldn't resist! She
said the almond butter scrub definitely made her skin smooth with a glow and
the smell is amazing.she also liked the unique blend of fragrance in the lotion
bars,her favorite being the vanilla bar. Also the fact that everything was
organic and natural was a plus for her she doesn't use any lotions now but
yours. I am glad we tried your products.- Trina W.

I ordered the sugar scrubs from Kristen for Christmas gifts at work. The presentation of
everything is absolutely adorable and perfect, plus she had everything ready in
a more than timely manner. She also left samples with me and the sugar scrub
leaves your skin soooo soft, it's great! Also, your skin will feel fresh....I
tried lemongrass, it was very refreshing! There is also a body bar that melts
into your skin! It is fantastic! - Sheila S.

I have used Kristen's butters - the lavender has a great scent and the butter melts into
your skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft. Can't wait to try the coconut and
natural scents. Her packaging is also very original! - Carol G.

I really love the sugar scrubs and body butter. I absolutely love her lemongrass scent.
But my absolute favorite item has been the lotion bar. For years I have had
extremely itchy skin in the winter and have tried everything! The only thing
that has ever worked is this lotion bar and I only wish I could have found it
sooner. This item will now be a winter necessity for me. - Vik T.

I just want to tell you about your body butter. My skin has become very thin so I cannot rub
an area too long because it chafes but your body butter goes on so very easily
that I don`t have to rub it in like others. It goes on smoothly and gets
absorbed very fast without feeling greasy and my skin is so soft and supple,
especially after a shower. The fragrance is not overpowering and they are very
relaxing. I love how these are organically made without any chemically add ons.
Thanks for such a great product.- Olga H.

I am never going back to using using soap! I have started using the sugar scrubs in my
shower and bath and towel off and my skin feels cleaner and more moist than it
has in years. I have been using the body butter at night time.(PS it works
wonder for makeup removal) And talk about the lovely scents...... I love the
lavender fragrance because it helps relax and put me into a tranquil mood. For
those who are sensitive to smells (I am one) I was worried that the scents
would be overwhelming, but to my surprise, the scent immediately dissipates
within minutes. Kristen also explained that ordering the coconut or unscented
butters and scrubs work wonderfully for those folks who are sensitive to smells
as well. I give this product and service 5 stars! - Star McAleese Aurora, Illinois

I have ordered twice from Kristen Saurer and LOVE her products. The scrubs have made a huge difference on my skin....and
they're organic! Love these products!- Lori Scaccia Barrie

I ordered stuff for Christmas and they smell fantastic. Haven't used the sugar scrub I bought for myself, but the body butter she gave me a sample of was fantastic. Will defiantly place another order in the future.- Kristen Czupryn

I was gifted with a sugar scrub from organic body/kristen's online shop and I had to buy more!
She is prompt with product and even faster with communication! The scrubs are
my absolute favorite. They leave your body feeling so soft. She always includes
samples....who doesn't love freebies!? I can't wait to see what new products
she whips up next!- Lisa Z.

Just want to say that I did order from Kristen
Saurer last week I do not know her personally, just found one of her posts
She delivered to my home in the cutest containers!!!!! Wrapped and ready to go!
Not only that, she brought me samples! So I actually got to try what I was
giving as a gift, duh....I didn't even think of that! I LOVE the butter for my
hands. She gave me enough to use about 10 times and it really does sooth and
moisturize! Highly recommend these cute product for anyone. Think teachers,
teens, Gramma, or yourself You don't even have to wrap -Julia Schenkel-

I am loving these products! I have used the sugar scrub and body butter and am hooked. The
sugar scrub leaves my skin feeling soft for days, and I love the whipped
texture of the body butter. It melts in your hand and dries really nice. It
doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy. I thought all of the scents I've tried
are really nice. I'm current using the lavender and have almond as well. I love
them both. I think the orange smells like orange chocolate...mmmm! Kristen is
so quick and even delivers! How could you go wrong! Repeat customer here!
Thank, Kristen! - Erika G.

I am obsessed with everything! The scrub is amazing and I feel like I should eat it, not
scrub with it. The lotion bars are AMAZING!!!! I've been using the natural one
myself and the tea tree on my sons. It doesn't seem to be helping with the
bumps (which I don't expect it to), but it has totally helped with the
redness!! Your products are wonderful!!! - Megan B.

Absolutely LOVE the products made just for me. I have a narcotic side effect infection on my
arms and the lavender bar is healing it faster than the antibiotics!!!!! -
Julie Z.

I have to say that my son, who's 4, has severe eczema and skin allergies. He gets itchy and
bleeds and your lotions is the ONLY thing.that soothes him. I love your
products!! Love, love them. Thank You!!!! - Zyrelkis M.

I used ityesterday for the first time & I really liked it! I had foot surgery about
2 months ago, and I still need to wrap my foot, so my skin is super dry in that
area. I have been using the scrub & the butter & I have noticed s
difference already! Thanks for the great products! - Charity W.

I bought quite a few body lotion bars to give to my "mommy" club. All FIVE girls
told me how AWESOME this product is! I have really dry skin and am allergic to
many products.I isn't have a single problem ususing this! This WILL be
something I re order soon! Thanks Kristen - Heather P.

I did mini facials with my 5 year olds today. They loved the sugar rubs and lotions. (One
has seriously dried, chaffed skin on her face! It looked so much better after
one sugar wash and application of lotion!)- Christina Joe

I received asugar scrub and lotion from a student as a Christmas gift. The lotion
(Lavender) smells heavenly, and the sugar scrub (Cucumber Melon) is spot on.
Highly recommend! - Amy H.J.


Kristen Saurer/ Organic Body Products Wheatfield, NY 14120