What Is A Body Butter?

01/25/2015 21:05

Body Butter steps moisturizing up a notch! It is the ultimate moisture necessary for hydrating extremely dry skin.  Thanks to including Shea butter in the ingredients, body butters are thicker than lotions, go on a bit heavier and take a little extra time to soak in.  Body butters are necessary for people who suffer with extreme dry skin, cracked, rough or chafed skin. Body butters provide healing to elbows, knees, dry hands and more.  I recommend you use a nickel size amount on each body part and apply once a day for best results.  For extreme dryness, you may need to apply multiple times a day until desired results are achieved.


Moisturizer known as butters tend to be "heavier and more emollient and have a more luxurious feel as opposed to lotions," says Hall. When moisturizers contain lubricating ingredients, such as shea butter, and natural oils, such
as, coconut, olive and jojoba, "they are occlusive or coat the skin to create a barrier between the skin's surface and outside elements.," This "barrier" seals in moisture as well as protects the skin from environmental impurities and damage from harsh environments.


Kristen Saurer/ Organic Body Products Wheatfield, NY 14120