12/02/2014 17:24

1. Hand Care
- For everyday use: a tiny amount will soak right in without feeling
- If you have dry hands, apply a larger amount as night cream
- If you have extremely dry hands, apply a generous amount and put on
cotton gloves before going to bed for an all-night moisturizing boost

2. To Soften Dry Patches
Body butter is perfect for smoothing and soothing dry, flaky elbows, heels,
toes - anywhere you need an extra moisture injection. Apply a small amount at a
time and gently massage in until absorbed. This is more effective than
'greasing up'.

3. Foot Care
- Daily use: apply a small amount to freshly washed feet and work in all
over to keep skin supple
- Once a month: work a generous amount in after a foot soak and cover
with cotton socks for an all-night moisture treatment

4. Cuticle Softener
Work a small amount into each finger/toe after washing or soaking and finish by
gently pushing back cuticles

5. Eye Make-up Remover
Apply a small amount of body butter to a moistened cotton round and gently
remove eye-make-up. This will not only dissolve water-proof mascara, but
condition your lashes as well.

6. Face Moisturizer
For normal, dry and mature skin. This is a similar method to applying face oil.
Warm the butter in your hands before application, then gently 'massage' into
the face with gentle upward strokes. On the forehead, 'stroke' your palm gently
across the forehead a few times. Gently 'pinch' along the jawline and finish
with upward strokes on cheeks.

7. Neck and Décolletage Moisturizer
Warm a small amount of butter in your hands before application, then gently
'massage' into the neck and décolletage with upward strokes. If necessary,
repeat application.

8. After Shaving Leg Balm
No more 'fish-scale' legs after shaving! Warm a dollop of butter in your hands
before application, then 'massage' into the legs with long upward strokes.

9. Lip Balm
Apply as you would any lip balm.

10. Massage
Body butter is ideal for massage, creating just enough 'slide' for a
comfortable massage while leaving the skin silky smooth and supple. As with
other uses, warm the butter between your hands before application.


Kristen Saurer/ Organic Body Products Wheatfield, NY 14120