Eczema & Psoriasis Comments and Testimonials

These products are amazing! The scrubs and butters have kept my psoriasis at a minimum. The lotion bars are portable in their plastic case to touch up my elbows when they start to feel dry.- Melissa L.

I use her soap, dead salt sea scrub, lotion bar, and lotion. I also tried everything I was seriously spending a fortune and nothing was working the creams the dr gave me seem to work okay when I constantly use them however they thin his skin so when he does itch it would just tear up his skin. I definitely recommend trying her stuff.

It's seriously heart breaking watching them itch and itch!!!! So happy he knows he can use the lotion bar when he itches and it will give him relief!- a parent

Jack so seriously tells me today that his Dino needs the magic lotion because his tail hurts! Thank you Kristen Saurer we love our "magic lotion" Jack uses it throughout the day when he hurts (itches). If any of you have little ones with eczema or dry skin you need to try her products. We love it and I love that he doesn't fight me to put it on. ! -Jess

Nicolas suffered from an all over body rash the doctors gave him a steroid cream I haven't used that cream in 3-4 months and started using the lavendar sugar scrub and body butter that Kristen makes and it has helped dramatically, he no longer looks like he fell in a thorn bush every morning when I would check his skin.- Rachel T.

The sugar scrub along with the body butter has helped my psoriasis immensely!!

My favorite product is the lotion bar hands down!!! They have helped not only with my son's horrible breakouts due to eczema but have also helped in clearing up my face. I use the lotion bar every day and night as my moisturizer.- Gloria

I have a few patches of eczema on my ankles that used to get scale like from me scratching so much and with using the scub body butter and tea tree lotion bar it is now smooth, not completely back to normal but way better than before.- Rachel T.

"Hi Kristen! The scrub is working well for my granddaughter! She noticed a difference almost immediately. She is thrilled because she was experiencing some discoloration of the skin on her neck and the use of your product has diminished it significantly. I would like to order 3 of the large scrubs please." Linda R.

"So I'd just like to say that I wish I took a picture of my elbows before I started using the sugar scrub, butter & lotion bar. I still have some patches of psoriasis but they are much better & so much less itchy! I am confident that this product has helped on the road to controlling it."- Melissa D.

So I was driving 2 hours away today and the psoriasis on the back in my ear on the bend randomly started hurting. I had nothing to put on it. I had the lip balm I got from you with me so I put it on. Instant relief. 7 hours later and I've put nothing else on it and no pain- Raquel S.

My family is a tree of eczema and it only got worse with the more children I had and they got it too again worse as it got down the
line!!! I purchased a sugar scrub and body butter for my kids I gave them ONE bath and my youngest (has it the worst) is practically gone!!!! He didn't like the scrub at first (because it was so bad) but after a min or two of lathering
he said he liked it and it felt good he's 4 by the way! Then the butter was just the icing on the cake!!! And you don't have to use very much at all to get the job done for what this does and the price anyone that doesn't do this is insane- Courtney S.

I Placed my first order and was amazed at the results. I have twin girls and both have sensitive, very dry skin and eczema. I have used store lotions and applied it 3-4 times a day and just didn't help. I ordered the Lavender butter and scrub and is
wonderful... My girls love love it!! Only apply it once and they are good all day. When I forget, they sure remind me. I also got a sample of the Tee Tree butter and been using it on my face for acne and my face has been clearing faster than other products. That will sure be on my next order along with the coconut/Lime scrub. This stuff is amazing!!!

I'm in love! I'm a first timer and couldn't be happier or more impressed with everything! My son is in love with the sugar scrub, and it has helped his eczema tremendously!! The body butter too... I have no words. It is so luxurious and has also been extremely helpful in keeping that itchy eczema at bay! The lip balm has been amazing at helping mine and my daughters horribly chapped lips, and i love the peppermint!! Thank you so much rock!!! - Bethany H.

I would just like to say my 6 year old son has bad eczema all over his body. I got the sugar scrub and body butter and used them right away and as soon as he got out of the bath he said his skin felt better. It was so soft already. He still was a little itchy cause we had only used it the one time so far but he wasn't sitting there just scratching away like he usually does. We will be ordering again! -Heather D.

I want to start by saying that I was skeptical in the beginning, even after I placed my first order. So I was not one that was going to be easy to please. I have two year old twin boys, both of which have skin issues. One has eczema on his lower half
and will scratch himself to the point of bleeding. The other has eczema and keratosis pilaris. His thighs and face are his trouble areas and he has a lot of redness, too. I have tried everything that has been recommended to be to
help clear it up...lotions, creams, ointments, oils, diet changes, etc. I came across Kristen's website and thought why not? I ordered the lotion bars, intrigued by the beeswax. I applied it to both the night I got them and the NEXT MORNING, the redness in my one son's face was gone. One application. I was amazed! We have been using the bars for about three weeks now and the eczema has completely cleared up in both and the redness and itching is gone for my son with keratosis pilaris. The bumps are still there (they prob will never go away) but it doesn't seem to bother him anymore. I can't say enough about this
product. We now have four bars in the house and I use them daily, too. It, again, is the only product that has completely taken away the dry cracking on myhands. I am hooked!! Do yourself a favor and try it. I will seriously change your life!- Meagan

We've used countless creams and lotions for my son's eczema. All have been OTC, prescribed and labeled organic, none would help with his itchy, dry/scaly skin or if they did help the relief wouldn't last long. I decided to dry the lotion bar after seeing reviews and asking Kristen for more information. At first I used it on my own eczema and I couldn't believe how well it was working, the itchiness was gone and my skin felt smooth, not slimey. Since I had such great results I decided to use it on my son and now the scratching has stopped and he isn't bothered by his skin. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who has dry
skin, chapped skin or suffers from eczema.- Gloria

I have to say that my son, who's 4, has severe eczema and skin allergies. He gets itchy and bleeds and your lotions is the ONLY thing.that soothes him. I love your products!! Love, love them. Thank You!!!! - Zyrelkis M.

So I was driving 2 hours away today and the psoriasis on the back in my ear on the bend randomly started hurting. I had nothing to put on it. I had the lip balm I got from you with me so I put it on. Instant relief. 7 hours later and I've put nothing else on it and no pain- Raquel S.


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